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On Pentecost Sunday, 19 May 2013, an on-line survey was circulated widely, from the Year of Grace website, and with the assistance of Diocesan Coordinators.

“The Year of Grace has been a time when the Catholics of this nation have joined their Bishops on a spiritual journey, a time of listening to the Spirit, a space to recognise God's grace in our lives and to encounter Jesus afresh.

“As the Year of Grace comes to a close, we have an opportunity to share the fruits we have experienced. In our sharing, may we attune our hearts and minds to the presence of God's Holy Spirit, so that our shared wisdom will transform our Church, heal our relationships, and serve our nation and world to grow in compassion and justice”.

People were then invited to respond to four requests:

  • What difference has the Year of Grace made in your life?
  • Share a moment of grace you have experienced.
  • What do you believe the Holy Spirit is now calling our Church to be and to do?
  • What signs of hope and good news do you experience now in our Church and world?

People were asked to supply “the name of the parish, school or group [with which] you most closely associate?”, and “What is the name of your Diocese (if known)?” For this question there was a drop-box, which listed all Australia’s Dioceses, Eparchies and the Military Ordinariate. There was also a box marked “Other”.

People were invited to give their age-group: 12-or-younger, 13-18, 19-35, 36-50, 51-75, or 76-or-older. Finally, people were invited to indicate their gender.

When people submitted their answers, they received the following message:

“Thank you for participating in this reflection of our Year of Grace journey. Your responses will be collated and a summary of the key messages will be sent to the Australian Catholic Bishops for their discernment.”

Over 850 people responded. For any overview of their replies, see Summary of Responses.

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