Thanks to the initiative of Perth's Emmanuel Centre – the Catholic Association for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People (WA) – we now have two new resources we can share.

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Chapel of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, North Sydney Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Readings: Acts 14:19-28; John 14:27-31a

Looking at you from up here, you don't seem a particularly restless crowd. Yet it's often said that this is a restless time, and I think it's true. But there's surely more to it than restlessness. Ours is a time of the troubled heart when fear seems to hold sway. It's an age of anxiety, a time of deep frustration, even anger; and all of this is not just "out there". It's in the Church as much as elsewhere, and it leaves its traces in each of us, even the Bishops. We seem to stand before a closed door – the doorway into peace, into the fullness of life for which we long. We see the door, but it never opens – and we can't open it ourselves. To make matters worse, the one whom Jesus calls "the prince of this world" tells us that that's the way things are and that we should just get used to it – in other words, abandon hope. And if we dare even to approach the door, "the prince of this world" pelts us with stones, just as Paul was pelted in what we have heard from Acts. We're caught between a hard place and a rock.

Since the website was launched, on the home page several small ways have been suggested as to how we might be able to incorporate a Year of Grace into our daily lives, taking just a few moments each day to reflect how God's grace has touched our lives, or taking some time regularly to contemplate the face of Christ.  

As Bishop Michael Putney of Townsville says in the promotional video for a Year of Grace 'there's no program, just 1000 opportunities to start afresh from Christ and discover the power of God's grace in one's life.'

Here you will find just the beginning of the many and varied ways that we can all live a Year of Grace as individuals or perhaps as a family, small group or faith community.  As the Year of Grace begins and progresses, more and more 'opportunities' will be added so be sure to check back regularly.

Download 1000 Opportunities (excel file)

Looking for something to use in a parish bulletin or school newsletter? Click here to download a copy of the scripture and other quotes that appear on this website. Including one in a regular newsletter is a great way of raising awareness of the Year of Grace. porno fran���§ais